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katie521 : 22 yr old Female

Friends Over Rarely Smoking Non-Smoker SleepSome Noise is OK
OccupationManager at Gilly Hicks DrinkingSocially Bedtime11pm-1am
CleanlinessSome Clutter DrugsRarely Wake up11pm-1am
PetsCat, Dog, Other TV UsageFew Shows a Week Overnight GuestsRarely


Shopping, Cars, Camping, Clubs/Bars, Cooking, Dancing, Gym, Listening to Music, Photography, Swimming, Traveling, Watching TV/Movies

Farmington, CT
Hartford, CT
Manchester, CT
New Britain, CT
Newington, CT
West Hartford, CT

Monthly Rent

Hey my name is Katie..I just graduated from Roger Williams this past may. I need to move out and be on my own and not live with my parents anymore, so Im just looking for someone fun and easy to get along with, who likes to go out and have a good time but isnt a crazy loud mess..someone who can respect my space and quietness when needed. I dont have any cats or dogs, but I do have a pet snake..he doesnt bother anyone so I hope that wouldnt be a problem. I try to stay healthy and like to cook so