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KyleySmith   Hi my name is Kyley, I am a full time employee and student in Valley Springs, hoping to move to the Columbia Junior College area. (Sonora, Angels Camp, San Andreas, Valley Springs). I am a tidy and reHi my name is Kyley, I am a full time employee and student in Valley Springs, hoping to move to the Columbia Junior College area. (Sonora, Angels Camp, San Andreas, Valley Springs). I am a tidy and re
edumouch   I'm a 20 year old Middlebury College Student. That's in Vermont. I am looking for a room mate or a room for a relatively low rent because I will only be in LA for the month of January doing an internship with Shawn Ryan on The Shield. I don't have too many specifications about my roommate, I simply ask that they be a civil person, and it wouldn't hurt if we had similar interests so we could get along. Male, female, etc, doesn't matter. Respect is key, and I think we'll get along great.
galeano   I am a Latino male with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. I am a mature and stable person who is respectful of people’s lifestyles. I enjoy life without the use of drugs, don’t smoke and I am an infrequent drinker. I may sound very serious but I do have a sense of humor and I am easy to get along with. I prefer another gay/bi male as a roommate. Age and ethnicity are not an issue, but someone who is stable and mature enough to live under the same roof.
JoshuaD3765   Conscientious, tolerant, caring, hardworking, and outgoing. I am into art, music, and philosophy. I am actually looking for a situation in which I would perform various chores/services (as specified by the person providing the room) in exchange for room and board....l am accustomed to lots of work--housework, cooking, yardwork, and/or working with children, etc. Male or female, any age, ethnicity, doesn't matter to me. :) I can share a room.
KyleySmith   Hi my name is Kyley, I am a full time employee and student in Valley Springs, hoping to move to the Columbia Junior College area. (Sonora, Angels Camp, San Andreas, Valley Springs). I am a tidy and responsible family-friendly 19 year old student who is serious about finding a share or rental in the area before September 15th. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns, willing to supplement flexible rent ceiling with chores and babysitting :) thanks!
JeromeParis   Hi my name is Jerome, I'm from Paris, France. I will soon move to LA for professional reasons. The Heads of the company I work for in France want to open a sister company in LA. I'm here to study our business environment and open our offices. In a first step, I would prefer to share a place... Will rent my own apartment as soon as I will be sure to stay for a long term period.
Alfredo_E   I just moved here from Mexico City. I am a full time Artist and I have a very well behaved dog. He is small and rarely barks.
SHEMM   Self Perception: I value being productive, responsible, and "doing the job right". I set high standards for myself. I see myself as well organized, industrious, good planner, and am a self starter. Frequently I assume leadership positions because of these behaviors. Relationships with others: I value and encourage productivity and high standards of performance in others. I like structure and planning. I want to know what to expect from others and dislike VERY much being caught by surpr
SierraSymonn   Hi, my name is Sierra. I'm looking for a room in the West Los Angeles area for school purposes. I'd prefer a room to myself that is decent sized and furnished, as I'm moving cross country and would prefer to have some furniture there. Bathroom share is fine. If the room isn't in the area I need but transportation is close, like metro/bus I may still be interested. I'm an easygoing person, like to cook and enjoy being with others. my email is sierrasymonne at ymail dot com. Plea
mamatorie   I'm a pretty laid back easy to get a long with kind of gal...I spend a lot of time with my family or with my boyfriend.. I'm looking for a roommate that will respect others...thats the biggie for me...respect
jujubabe   I am looking for a laidback roomate. I am not a neat freak, but like to have the place clean. I am a social person, but not a party animal.