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RRS   I am working full time and looking to move to a room that I can have to myself. I am also going to school at Selden Community College. I need somewhere either in Selden or CoramI am working full time and looking to move to a room that I can have to myself. I am also going to school at Selden Community College. I need somewhere either in Selden or Coram
hgliu   I'm an easy-going and laid back girl who enjoys hanging out as well as having some privacy. People tell me that I'm mature and responsible, and I expect others to be the same. I will be a doctoral violin student at Stony Brook in the Fall and am willing to share an apartment or house with one/two other people who respects musicians. I do not drink or smoke, and prefer not to have loud parties. I will be busy during the summer after 6/13 so it would be nice to meet someone who has a place.
nanyann28   i am looking for a nice room in a nice house close to Stony Brook University Campus (walking distance or near bus i could take to get there) i am married and not looking for "romantic" roommate:) Thanx:)
medrseuss   I am looking a place to put my head at night... I am 21 yrs old. I am a full time student and I have a full time job. I work hard and I am busy but I am funny, easy going, honest and realiable
saythatjc   I'm a 42 year old man, going to school for medical billing and I'm looking for a room to rent. I live in a house at the present with 11 other guys and I just can't get enough quiet time to study, so I'm trying to find a room that will be more suitable for myself.
rollwitstyle   im looking for a place to sleep, shower and store my things, i am a very clean person and i keep to myself, i work fulltime so i will only be home to sleep and shower
xdarkchiix   I'm fun. I have a great sense of humor. I love photography and music. I'm a huge gamer. I would like to have a roommate that shares somewhat the same interests that I do. A person who is responsible to be exact but likes to have fun as well. =) I guess that's it for now.
thebride   Hi! I'm an easy-going, open-minded, respectful person looking for another respectful person to share an apt with. I've lived with lots of different people, & have no problem cleaning up after myself. I love all kinds of pets, as long as they're not nasty-tempered. I have two jobs during the week, & am gone most every weekend to visit my bf of 5 yrs. I like cooking, & watching Adult Swim. I like to party as much as I like quiet, don't mind keeping to myself, but love making new friends!
not4me   I'm a 28 y/o active duty spouse moving from Japan back to the States. I'm an air traffic controller and I'll be starting at ISP with the FAA in March. I plan on living with a roommate for at least the first 6 months. I'm married with kids but they will be in Japan until I get settled in my own apartment down the road. I'm a quiet, slightly shy person that doesn't like a lot of noise at night. I'm polite, responsible and friendly. Go to if you want to know more.
PassTheHQ   I'm a fairly quiet person. If I feel like partying I usually go to a club or over a friends house. I cook, usually from scratch, although I'm not always crazy about the clean-up. I have a car so there would need to be parking. My ideal roomate would not smoke in the house, not stay up until the early morning hours, be fairly quiet like myself, not have excessive people over all of the time, and be overall friendly and easy to get along with. Not terribly much to ask for, right?
autumnxc84   I'm moving to NY for my work, which is in Ronkonkoma. So i'm looking to find somewhere to live near that are. I'm financially reliable and an easy going person.