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TnG5702   I'm a nice, honest, trustworthy, outgoing, yet laid back person... I LOVE listening to music hanging out w/my b/f, friends & fam. If you'd like to know more feel free to ask! I am looking for, someoneI'm a nice, honest, trustworthy, outgoing, yet laid back person... I LOVE listening to music hanging out w/my b/f, friends & fam. If you'd like to know more feel free to ask! I am looking for, someone
phatbunnie   I am a 22yr architecture student. I just moved to LA from chicago a week ago to attend grad school at sci-arc. I am very responsible, mature, logical, and easy going. I love stylish apartments and lovely people. I need a place to rent by mid august or so. email me at [email protected] if this sounds good. thanks...chau_
angelgray   I am a 29 year single mom relocating to Los Angeles and surrounding area looking for a room to rent. My child is rarely home and is age 9. Very quiet, well behaved. See That is me. Leave mesg at 757 344 9964 cell or 757 265 9602/home. E-mail [email protected].
artist   a frined and a roommate that treats people the way they want to be treated with respect
Paulmeister   i am a single male, straight, looking for a room to rent or quite possibly an apartment to rent, i am usually out working and i just need a place to stay and rent out, no drugs, occasional alcohol,i tend to keep to myself and not trouble others, helpful and self-reliant, easy-going, honest and approachable.
tbangel   Hey, ya'll. Well, I'm a very corky person. I get along with anyone. I hate to argue. I'll most likely be the one to break up a fight rather than start or be in it. I'm pretty tidy; ocassionally, you'll see an unmade bed or a couple of clothes on the floor. I love to meet new people and make lots of friends. Anyways, thats me. I'm not looking for a liftime soulmate, but a friend. A place to help me start out. And I can live with most anyone, I'm very patient. That's about it. Thanks 4 reading. :)
sebas   I'm quiet and peaceful. I teach metaphisics and I'm just looking for a place to live. Anywhere and anyone is ok.
asjas81   Looking for a nice place to live where I can come home and relax. Not into the party scene, don't drink or smoke. Pretty easy to get along with. Would love to live near the beach. I like to have fun. Gotta have my own room and would like to live in a nice neighborhood where it's fairly quiet. Don't want to live with any kids, but animals are cool just as long as they don't make too much noise and don't create havoc. I have a small dog,(3 lbs) but if it's a problem I don't have to bring him.
saramichelle   My name is Michelle and I am a 21 year old student from Dallas, Texas. I am looking to move to the Los Angeles area ASAP to finish school. I am easy to get along with and very easy to live with. I just need someone who can help me as I make my long commute there! If you can help contact me ASAP! thanks!
londonlth   I am a 19 year old African American female actress. My focuses in life right now are finding somewhere clean to live, pay my bills on time, and get my acting career off the ground. I am mad cool to be around I loved to have fun and enjoy life. I am Christian and I am down to earth. If you like what you read please hit me up.
Monkeygirl   Just looking to find somehwere that's closer to work so I don't have to kill myself every day when I commute through LA. Hopefully, the person/people I will live with are relatively well-adjusted. As for myself, I'm more or less open-minded and whatever flips your skirt up is fine by me! I would have to say that I'm aggressive rather than submissive and I tend not to beat around the bush. Plus, I love to verbally banter from time to time, so shy people you've been warned!