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mialissa   I'm not picking in anyway. i just need someone that will help me share a home together. I rather it be someon that i don't know. Just because then if we have problems all i have to do is avoid. I'm going to school in august. I"m a quite person. I enjoy all types of people. i like free spirits and responsible. Pay the bills on time and don't get me in trouble in any way. and were cool
Rhonwyyn   Currently a 2nd shift proofreader, I'll be moving to Ephrata as a staff writer for a weekly paper. I need a place to live that has affordable rent and is somewhat close to wear I'll work. I'd prefer furnished and a/c, but I'm flexible. I am not a party girl; I'd prefer to live with others who aren't partiers either. I tend to be a night owl.
pa3962000   Hello, I'm 5’9” tall with 16” caves (non-fat). They are cut/ripped. I run around 225lbs. fresh off the peddle bike. Waist runs around 38”. I’m a clean, non-drug user, non-smoker in need of a place. I like to help keep the place tidy. I don't drink but on a blue moon. Just booted by a scammer and I have no place to turn. The last two where ran by junkies on drugs. I'm looking to get past this. I love to cook, clean, wash, and just b.s. sometimes. I'm into motorcycles, photography, astronomy, P.C.
heartshaped   im a 20 yr old female wanting to move sometime in the summer (as late as possible but im flexible i think) im very serious about finding a place asap! i get along with aaaalll kinds of people and im not particular about most things. i dont party much but i dont mind if one does. if anyones interested, email me at [email protected]
rachaelk77   I am a 29 year old female looking for a female roommate. I am a Christian who is very active with my church and volunteer at a non profit organization. I never use drugs, nor do I smoke. I may have a drink for special occasions a few times a year. I am a person who thinks of others and strives to get along. I am looking for a responsible person who is easy going. I don't mind if friends visit, as long as it is not every night of the week. I enjoy taking walks, volleyball and baking.
rienzoverino   22 years old. student/professional. looking for a roommate or two who already have a place. like to take it easy during the week most of the time, but definitely enjoy going out on weekends and drinking and watching football on sundays.
jennifer07   I am a quiet low key drama free person. I am just looking for a cheap place for me and my stuff which is not much. I usually go about my business and try not to bother nobody. I am quiet and stay to myself but would also be open to social interaction with a roommate if we have shared interests, etc. Just need a stable place to live with no drama or trouble. I cook, clean, etc. and am easy to talk to so I think I would make a good roommate for most people.
ang_is_kewl   About me? My name is Angie, & I am a responsible college student looking for a fun, easy going roomie. Im easy to talk to, open minded, and cool yet i know how to respect. I can be loud and quiet, but I know my limits. So uhh if this sounds interesting, leave me a message or e-mail me ([email protected]) :)