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Shanta   Currently I am a graduate student at Long Island University. As am sure, you may have numerous questions that cannot be addressed here, so please feel free to call me at 347-866-6791 and I will be more than happy to answer them.
platanofarm   I'm pretty much one of those " theres a time and place for everything" type of people, i like calm atmospheres, and im an easy person to get along with, so making friends and as far as being a pleasant roomate ; not and issue :-). Im really interested in a place thats in a decent location, and as far as the apt. itself, as long as it can stay clean, all will be well. Roomate has to be as responsible, if not more than i'am (im not looking to get put out)IAIM:NYCJlogrl AOL:PlatanoFarm
Proper   Born in Berlin,Germany I moved back to NY to finish my Bachlor/Masters degree at Phoenix University. I will finance through working at UPS. I hate depth, unreliability... I am a very honest person who is clean and straight forward.Mostly I get along with women, since I have better experience with them KEEPING their words. Someone who will let me do my studies without getting in the way, even though I am a very social person.Someone who knows how to APPRECIATE to good and real things in life.
jmero   Looking for a roommate to share a very nice apartment (2-family house) in a beautiful Woodhaven north neighborhood. Quiet residential area, steps away from Forest Park. Two bedroom, spacious closets, large rooms. Fully remodeled kitchen, spacious living room. Backyard. Close to shopping centers and transportation. Must see. 917-309-0920
ZMaldonado   I'm a full-time college student, part-time retail sales associate who is looking for someone who is renting out a room for a reasonable price. I'm rarely home so I just need a place to rest my head and relax when I find the time. I'm very social but rarely ever go out. I guess that's cause I still live with my parents. I don't know how it'll be when I move out, but I basically need someone I can get along with. I am not the one to cross anyone's path, therefore, I would like the same.
jchemes   I'm looking for someone to peacefully co-exist with. I have two cats but they are very clean. I want someone who is quiet, respectful, and clean. I am a very nice and laid-back person and am looking for the same in a roommate.
filsing   bright room in nice house with supa kool roommates - 1 musician, 1 fotographer, nice sized yard, brook, safe nehgoborhood nr bronxville, free parking and laundry, yonkas FiL 914-378-8448
marineshma   I am a responsible, mature black male from Virginia. I will be attending St. john's University fall 2004, and I am looking for a room to rent.
shyboogie1   I'm a music engineer student from harlem. i moved to chicago with my mom and i hate it plus i'm starting school in the fall so i'm looking for a nice size room for me and my girlfriend...we're not the fussy type...LOL but anyway, i'm cool, laid back, like to laugh, a down to earth person. i have a few grand from income tax to pay a few months rent in advance just to geive me time to get my old job back or get a new one. so money is not a problem. so if you can help out then that will be great.
paxflwrgal   I'm 25 female looking for a friendly roommate. The perfect roomate is respectful of my space and is very responsible with the bills. I also would like to be able to cook together and have a friendship with my roommate. I'm very responsible and down-to-earth. I'm an art teacher/ grad. student who loves to socialize. I just got a kitten and want a space that will let us feel like we are at home. I would prefer to live with a guy just because most of my friends are guys.