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raj_23   sadf
krisroberts1   29 year old male disabled from car accident but still able to get around and do everything. Just disabled from being in so much pain most of the time.
r1mp   Hello, My name is Mike and I have a six month old son named Michael. He stays with me a few nights a week. I work for the Kentucky Department of Corrections. For fun I like to go out with friends, but my passion is racing and riding motorcycles.
TommyRoberts   hey my name is tommy im 23 and am looking to move out toward the dixie highway area because it closer to work i run maintaince for a nursing home in the area. i work mornings so im usually in bed around 10 and up at 530 i like to hang out with friends but usually only have people ove on an occation. il like to play video games and ride my bike for recreation. i am looking to rome with a male or female both as long as the drama is non existant. would love to talk more for sure so get a hold of me
robbo72   Hey, I'm 39 with a long distance gf. I'm just trying to save money right now with someone else like minded and respectful. Ideally, I'd like an even share situation or a guest house. Although renting a room is still a possibility. I'm pretty quiet really, I just keep late hours and am a day sleeper.
taleigh7   Looking for cat-loving roommate to share a cat friendly home on wooded property (yours or we will find). I'm currently caring for 2 stray sibling 7 or 8 month old kitties (BJ Ranjan Holstein aka Cow Kitty and KC Mogli RR MacGreggor aka the young George Kellogg) and 1 abandoned older calico who showed up in my neighborhood during the holidays. I work for Jackson Hewitt, like to do Hatha, read, walk, travel when I can, care for kits.
Attanasio   Single room with a large closet and a shared full bath. No furniture yet, so you can bring yours. Share the house with retired landlord and another young lady and her dog. Must be neat and clean. No additional pets. Help with chores as needed. Storage space available at no extra cost. Includes internet and utilities. Looking for someone cheerful, good attitude and choosing to make it work. NON-SMOKER AND NON DRINKER. College student welcome. Call me for interview.
Zvannahlondon   Zvannha 22 & Brandon 28 looking for a room to rent asap , we were renting a upstairs loft and paying rent to someone and she want “ suppose “ to be paying the landlord our half & her half and she didn’t do that so we are both being kick out , I have no where to go and hotels aren’t a option for us as of right now we both work in Lagrange ky, I make 17.00 a hour he makes 12.00 just need a a place to sleep tbh and keep my things , VERY VERY CLEAN people
ksmallwood   Any place really. I will mind to myself mostly and rarely have people over unless its cool with current resident.
BigBen   I am looking for someone that is going to respect my things and space just like I will do for them. I want someone that is drug free and that does not mind a smoker. I am a guy that does not fall behind on my bills and am always willing to help others as long as I do not get taken advantage of. I work crazy hours sometime and I will be happy to let you know what they are so that you are aware of the times I will be coming and going.