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Drae   I'm an easy person to get along with. Don't matter who you have over or when, things like that don't bother me just as long as there isn't a party every single night and that you keep up with your porI'm an easy person to get along with. Don't matter who you have over or when, things like that don't bother me just as long as there isn't a party every single night and that you keep up with your por
Martez   Very laid back and easy going, just looking for a comfortable place to live for an indefinite amount of time. I can get messy, but I don't leave messes for days or anything; I pick up after myself. I would be bringing my cat with me. She's curious and generally calm; won't tear up furniture or anything like that. She'll either be very friendly or stay out of your way, depending on her mood. Very broad sense of humor and entertainment, from videogames to playing hand drums. Got 22 letters left...
likeasoldier   im very laid back, looking for a cheap place to move out to, would like to have friends over, completely reasonable and financially stable
margo2475   I am looking for a nice room with nice roommate. I am not picky about the apartment as far as it has water electricity gas and cable
reldra   Lovley room in house in the village of Kenmore. Large closet. Front/back yards,storage. Porch. Fireplace. Full LR/DR and Office. Storage. High speed internet, cable tv. Large basement.Smallish Pool. Near busline, library, shopping. c 783-9242
Snowyball   I am medium hieght i havel brown eyes and dirt blonde hair. i just need to be on my own for once!
tg_tony   I am a very pleasant and passable transgendered gurl looking for a place to use 2 or 3 evenings in mid week, never weekends. Very nice person, easy going and fun but low profile. I probably won't even stay overnight, but will pay full rent anyway. Would enjoy cleaning, doing laundry etc., if you don't mind me maybe doing it in a maids I am fun for either male or female, talk and watch sports for the guys or talk fashion and go shopping with the girls...I have great fashion sense
csklaus44   Property is nice. Very quiet area. Close to 990
ChrisNBuff   Only financially responsible individuals need apply. I like to think I am pretty easy to get along with, I only ask that my housemate not attract rodents, insects, or police and we should get along fine! :-)
Ergothro   Im a 20 yr old student re-locating to Buffalo for a job opp. at WSYB. I'm outgoing, fun, like to have a good time, easy-going, laid-back, down-to-earth, relatively tidy. I enjoy going out and dancing, occasionally out partying, reading, tehatre, travel, and i'm a movie buff. Im a theatre arts major with a double Maj. in Intl. Studies at SVSU in Michigan. Im an amateur photographer and love the stage and screen. Im single and happy:) email me [email protected] or call if interested:(989) 714-0119
caroline3535   I am a 20 year old student attending Buffalo State and am going to be a senior this year. I also work at MF Suburban Hospital as a dialysis tech. I love to go out on the weekends and I have my fair share of fun but I do put a lot of time and energy in my school work. I'm a laid-back, easy-going girl. I'm currently in my own apartment in Buffalo and my lease is up in August. I want roomates to save me $$ and for the company too =)