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eunyoung   The 3bedroom townhome sits right next to the lake, where there is a long path for walking,running and a lake for boating and fishing. It is located near the hospital, mall, and shopping center. The room to be occupied is the master bedroom with own balcony, bath. Rent includes electricity and water. sorry no pets or smoking allowed. if interested please contact [email protected]
CrazyStarr77   I am a laid back mellow person and I am looking for a roommate(s) to share that with. I have one cat that's three. I refuse to part with him. He is very friendly and has no problems with other animals. I am not a neat freak but I will keep things neat and clean with some messy every once in a while.
youngprof23   I am a soon to be college graduate and have a great job. I am looking for someplace with a laid back environment that will accept me and my two clean ferrets. The ferrets have a big cage so do not need to come out can stay in cage. I also have a small pet turtle, which is equivalent to a fish in size but requies less water.
npupik   i am a recent hire by MICROS, Inc., based in Columbia. my position is 90% travel so i won't be around too much, excepting for the first month or so of my job (july). I am a recent graduate of Penn State with a BA in English, and am an avid skier, backpacker, and soccer player. please e-mail me if you have any further questions.
onelove   just need a room. im a quiet no-nonsense guy. i wrk. mind my business . easy to get along with.
Nileyah   I am a 23yr Old female who has only been in maryland for about a year I am quiet laid back adventurous trustworthy loyal funny and lots of fun I am looking for a safe comforting place me and my boyfriend can move into as roomates until we can get a place of our own. he works sales at Regency furniture and I am a full time baby sitter we are in search of a place that is safe above all and with trustworthy honest occupants.
cecelyn2313   I have a beagle/mix dog who is 6 yrs old and very sweet and protective. I am optimistic and like to have some time to myself. I have furniture and dishes, a place with storage would be great. I am looking for anyone who is happy in a relaxed atmosphere, doesn't mind random people stopping by on occasion, and is not a compulsive neat freak. I love to laugh loud and I hate drama. I have lived with roommates/by myself for 7 years so I know how to take care of bills and I like to meet new people.
seeknroom   I'm in need of a room to rent as my lease is ending soon. I spend most of my time on the road for work and need a place to hang my hat and do office work. Responsible, dependable, with references. Please call/email if interested.
jateeluv   As far as myself goes, I'm pretty clean cut, organized and quiet. I am looking for someone that isn't a party animal or socially dependent everynight of the week. I kinda like a quiet household.
jspring21   You'd get 2 rooms. Tiny, mind you,but each with closet space. One can be a study if you like. You would share the living room, kitchen, dining area, and 1.5 bathroom with Jess and Jen, 2 fun teachers in Howard County. CAll me at 585-415-0104 or email [email protected] for more details. I will get a puppy this year, so be prepared for that!