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whatwereth   I am a 22-year-old guy from Maine. I will be working in Aspen from mid June until early August. I like to think I'm fun to live with and I'm quite considerate and easygoing.
fancylady   Hi...I am clean, considerate, friendly and responsible. I play well with others. I love to cook. I also love people and animals. I am a smoker but very considerate of others. If necessary I will confine my smoking to outdoors. I'm not a party animal, but I do enjoy having fun ( so it's ok if you like to party). Children and noise don't bother me. Thanks for considering me.
SMCCHICK   I am a friendly, outgoing individual. I am mature and hardworking, willing to chat and to help out any way I can.
realashley   compliments of the day,am ashley pudincomb am an international student,starting my undergraute program and looking to rent a place to live off campus. i mailed to get info on the apartment you have for rent,(i do not mind having a roommate cos that would save me some cost) I would so much like to get the info ASAP YOU THANKS SO MUCH thanks ashley
caitrin   I am a responsible 24 yr old who just really needs a place to live in aspen area!!! I have job and just need the place to live now!
yakum07   Fresh fro Utah looking for a place in Aspen for the week and some weekends. I live in Denver and work in Aspen. Help please.
bikeinry   looking to move to aspen area from vero beach florida
amanaka4   female roommate that is logical, doesnt do drama, respectful, and is easy to live with. Find a place in the greater Aspen area.
mimi-louise   I am a graphic design student from Cape Town, South Africa. I want to spend some time in Aspen working and experience more of the American culture. I am easy going and a pleasure to live with...or so they say.i am funny and outgoing.
Kloulou   I am 19 and have been living in Denver my whole life I am trying to move to to have a change and have a fresh new start. I feel like Aspen is the place to start off. I am a very clean laidback person. I am not a loud person unless i am listining to my music. I do have a dog she is still a puppy about 7mths old germanshepared/husky she is potty trained and well behaved but still a but puppy.